For me there is no good or bad ways to take photograph the only thing to consider is what camera to use and how to make impeccable photos. There are lots of camera in nowadays ranging from the substantial camera to the pocket-size one in the market, but for me I rarely use my smartphone camera, it is the only camera I know that is always with me. It got a 13 megapixel rear camera a 5 megapixel front camera and both got a f/1.9 Aperture lens that can shoot more details even in low-light scenarios.

There are lots to consider in taking photographs, from the exposure value, the contrast, the saturation, the depth-of-field, the scene and other parts of photography which are not concluded. For me I tend to look for the following in order to achieved  the pleasing and ravishing photos on Instagram

The Lightning– If you had smaller aperture lens on your smartphone camera then you can take photo’s even in low-light situation (Sometimes best moments happen in night)

Saturation Level– I do like punchier color because its more pleasing, but sometimes I lack saturation but with the help of some photo editor i can adjust the color to what level it can be (More color the pleasing the photo is)

The Focus Point (This Include the subject in focus)– DSLR camera are the best one to use if you want your subject to be in focus and blurs its background. But if you had dual lens camera you can had this feature  similar to DSLR, and if you had the normal single lens camera you are slightly limited to how far does the focus point blurs the background.

Lets jump-start with me as a beginner scheme of being a Instagrammer, at first I conceive Instagram is similar to Facebook (Conventionally on Friend Request, Tagging and etc.) but the thing is they are nonidentical to each other, Instagram is more on your photos and feed, while Facebook is more on your connection to each other (Referring to your Friend). Lately my consciousness about Instagram was satisfactory surprising, I followed local and celebrity Instagrammer engaging more on photographs then I accidentally think, why not make my own Instagram feed more ravishing too! I’ve done some research and studies online on how to make Instagram feed and how to take better photographs, Later on all of the tricks I learned I already apply it to my editing process, then create my own and comes out great.

Lets go through some app that I use, there are lots of suitable editing apps on the app store, for me this four apps is the best editing tools I need in all of my photos I uploaded.

VSCO– It is my main editing app I love all the filters in the app (Some of them are In-App Purchase). The filters I basically use are A6,A7,C3,C6,C5,HB1,A2,A1,X2 or maybe other type of filter that is better for that particular photo. I like the Highlight Tint (Usually I use the Highlights Cream then down it to 1-2 just to make sure I didn’t destroy the photo) , Shadows Tint (All the time I use red or green whether one tint are better for the photo and drop it to 1-2 also)

Afterlight– In this app I use the mid-tone tool to make the photo pops out a little bit and the grain tool because it adds fade effect to the photo.

Facetune– The patch tool ( I use it to removed unwanted object on the photo) also the Tone Tool if the tone of my face is not balance so i use it to create natural look

Snapseed– I use Snapseed in adjusting the color level of my photos and I love the Curves tool because you can adjust the RGB level of the photos.

As a beginner for being a Instagrammer is quite hard because you are capable of thinking how to make your feed pleasing and ravishing in the eye of many netizens or what photos you will upload to follow the path of your Instagram feed, there are lot of app that can be use for this if you want to themed your feed Preview app is one of my choice. But for me I don’t want to themed my Instagram feed but for I just follow up the look and the feel of my Instagram photos.